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Musicdied's Icon Journal

my real journal is at musicdied.com

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First of all, this isnt my real Journal, I just use this to post icons and talk to my friends ^_^ After losing many entried to lag I figured it would be just better to have my journal on my very own server, along with some of the CG and other stuff I've done. You can get there through this link...

Anyways, I'm a 20 year old aspireing writer from Labrador City, Newfoundland (thats in Canada for the uneducated :b). Although I'm not really working or going to school right now I'm still thinking about what I want from my future... although I must admit that many of the things I was going to do eventually became unattractive (ie. I wanted to be a pilot before Sept.11 forced all those layoffs ^_^' ) Ummm, I also like playing with Paint Shop Pro, making icons (feel free to request from me) and CGs, and trying to learn how to colour correctly ^_^' Oh yea, I'm single so...>__>




Ummm, you can see some more of my icon work

this place. Its nothing fancy but it gets
the job done ^_^'


If you want to use my Icons...

1. GIVE CREDIT! It dosent have to be big bold letters in your info (although that is nice!) but at least give me credit in the icon info.
2. Tell me if you use my icon! You dont need to ask "if" you can use it, I make them to be used, but at least let me know if you use my work. Just comment on the entry, thats good enough.
3. Dont edit my icons and claim it as your work! I take time to find and make my icons. Unless I say its a base you can edit yourself, I really dont want people taking my icons and changeing stuff about them. Of course I'm glad to make edit, just ask and I'll see what I can do.
4. Dont direct link my icons! I host these things on my own computer. If people start linking my icons and stealing my bandwith I will not feel bad at all about just changeing a letter and breaking all the links.
5. Nominating is alright, but let me know. There are alot of icon contests out there like userinfothe_icon_ritz and userinfoaic but if your going to put me up for an
award, just let me know.



Proud member of userinfoi_theft, the anti icon theft



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